About KOON

KOON is a system, a push for positive physical and social activity and interaction, or as we like to call it: socio-fitness. Socio-fitness revolves around the concept that active-living is socially influenced and supported, and can be shaped by society, current trends of attitudes or behaviors, and social matters. By combining social activity and fitness, a very literally physically, socially and evolving concept is constructed. This concept, a completion and continuation to a fit lifestyle, is KOON. Promoting positive views toward fitness and satisfying current trends, KOON is a socio-fit system for physical, social, and contemporarily-inspired products and ideas. 

At KOON, we believe in fashion that suits our modern, active lives, which is why we are focused on bringing you the finest, fashion-forward activewear brands that make statements from the gym, to the streets, and beyond. Think fabrics of maximum quality, designs that keep you cool, prints that are colorful and unique, and styling that is so on-trend. Inspired by fitness and fashion, by a you who is just as much performance-focused as she is style-conscious, we are here to encourage you to live a life of wholeness and positivity and to urge you to be the best you that you can be.